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Dos and Donts for Buyers and Sellers

By Mary Beth Harrison on Nov 01, 2010


  • Never buy a home without getting it inspected even if it is new construction.
  • If you have to sell to buy. Get your home on the market and get a feel for the traffic before you start looking.
  • Talk to a lender, set your budget and pre-approved.
  • After looking at comparable sales, make a realistic move. Every homeowner looked at the same comparable before pricing their home. Yes, some homes are over priced but most are priced well for today’s market. Make a reasonable offer.


  • When selling your home be flexible. If leaving the flat screen TV makes the sale, then leave it.
  • Get your home in good repair. Having your home inspected before putting it on the market is the best idea and fix what needs fixing.
  • Don’t get greedy. Your home is only worth what buyers are willing to pay. Don’t think you are going to get more than comparable homes in your neighborhood. Price is everything in this market.
  • Don’t get personal – remove your “collection” of things. You may love roosters but one is enough for homebuyers to see. The same for lots of family photos, limit them to a few favorites.
  • Don’t be offended – when a buyer offers you a lot less than your list price. They thought enough to put an offer on paper so they must like your home. Lets be mad at the 20-50 other people who looked at your home and never made an offer.Do’s and Dont’s for Buyers and Sellers

Mary Beth Harrison, www.dallastexasrealestateblog.com

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